Spindle cone grinding

Damage or wear of the tool holder becomes apparent in various ways:

  • high running noises of the main spindle
  • dimensional deviations of the drillings
  • bad milling surface or chatter marks
  • excessive wear of the cutting inserts

Because the removal and reinstallation of the drilling and milling spindle is both time-consuming and cost-intensive, we regrind the tool holder in installed condition, a service we have been offering since 1998 within the scope of the partial and general overhaul of machine tools.

We grind short taper holders up to SK60 with our spindle grinding machines.

Naturally, following the grinding of the spindle cone, we perform a measurement of the draw-in force of the spindle clamping system with a power measuring device of the company Kelch, called Safecontrol.

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