When do we speak of contract manufacturing?


Contract manufacturing or external manufacturing means division of labor. The client instructs the contract manufacturer to take over part of his orders. This can be done temporarily as well as in a resulting permanent cooperation.

For what reasons does a company outsource parts for external production?



First and foremost, it is about profitability, because the client essentially wants to achieve cost savings through contract manufacturing. This is the case when the costs of the contract manufacturer are lower than their own production.


If the customer does not have the manufacturing options, the work is assigned to a corresponding contract manufacturing company. This can be the case if, for example, small series or large parts are involved, for which the customer’s machine park is not optimally designed.

Order situation

Even a tense order situation often requires the assignment of a contract manufacturer. The outsourcing of production then helps to avoid bottlenecks. An employee or machine failure can also put a strain on the customer’s production.

What advantages does the client have from outsourcing?


Low production costs

The right contract manufacturing company can carry out the necessary work at an attractive price because it has the appropriate equipment and qualified personnel.

Mastering order peaks

Upgrading your own machine park is associated with high costs, which only pay off with a largely secure order situation. By subcontracting to a contract manufacturer, temporary order peaks can be managed.

Safe order processing

If the client has an employee or machine failure, no orders have to be rejected. He commissions a suitable contract manufacturer so that the order can be carried out on time.

Flexibility and quality

By outsourcing non-operational work, the client can concentrate on his core business. The contract manufacturer has the necessary industry knowledge and standards to carry out the work properly.

Which production technology does SIRtec use?


Computer-aided production using CAD / CAM software

Ideally, you provide us with 3D data, which we use to create the NC program during work preparation. This parallel programming enables us to process orders efficiently, which of course is reflected in the pricing of your order.
If you do not provide us with 3D data, we will of course program conventionally.

Innovative clamping technology through electro-permanent magnetic clamping plate technology

We work with magnetic clamping plates in order to prevent the workpiece from bucking up or tensioning, which can be caused by mechanical clamping elements. In this way we achieve perfect stability and structural uniformity between the workpiece, clamping system and machine table. This clamping technology also enables us to machine your milled parts on 5 sides without any problems.

Information on order processing in contract manufacturing at SIRtec


Your personal offer

Please send us your request by email. Let us know which processing scope we should take over and add the relevant drawing data (if available in 3D).
We will send you a free e-mail offer as soon as possible.

Order placement

You can also send us your order by email. You will then receive an order confirmation from us.
Please note in principle that confirmed delivery dates can differ considerably in the event of late provision of raw parts due to production.

Acceptance, delivery and transport

We would be happy to welcome you to our production facility so that we can jointly accept your finished parts.
We can arrange for the transport to be carried out.


You will receive your invoice digitally or by post, just as you wish.

Our tip for choosing your contract manufacturer:


There are contract manufacturers who do not specialize exclusively in this area, but also small and medium-sized companies for whom external production means additional workload – as with SIRtec GmbH!