Special machines for processing battery volts in the automotive industry

Efficient high-volume machining of aluminum frames for electromobility

We have already carried out numerous projects to carry out the fully automatic milling of the aluminum frames for high-voltage batteries in large series.

The project specifications for the various milling systems are basically similar.
The core task is the measurement (probing) and milling of welding seams on battery boxes for electric vehicles. Often two different frame types are processed here. The milling machine is integrated into a production line so that battery boxes can be processed in 3-shift fully automatic operation with a technical availability of 98%.

We develop and build customer-specific portal milling machines in special designs according to these project specifications. The execution takes place, for example, with several clamping stations, optical triangulation sensors for frame measurement and motor spindles for machining the MIG weld seams. The effectiveness is achieved by loading parallel to the main time, so that non-productive times are reduced.