Special-purpose machine for two-sided machining of stabilizers (double-spindle)

The aim of the project was to perform the two-sided machining of stabilizers for vehicle construction in a fully automatic way.

We developed a special-purpose machine with three industrial robots. The stabilizers are taken out of a storage frame, measured and sorted out, if necessary. After the two-sided machining process (with two processing spindles) they are discharged again. By the usage of a drilling and milling spindle with tool changer and a second spindle with a Komet facing slide for fits and cones, inaccuracies occurring during frequent tool changes are avoided.

Technical specifications

85 kW drive
2 processing spindles: 3.000 rpm, SK 50, tool changer 12 spaces
2 facing slide spindles: 3.000 rpm, 38 mm facing slide-hub
control: Siemens 840 D