Contract manufacture for mechanical and plant engineering

Your production needs reinforcement? Use our contract manufacturing!

There are many reasons for our customers to make use of our contract manufacturing. First and foremost, of course, it is a question of profitability, because external production only makes sense if it leads to significant cost savings.

As a manufacturer of the Mattec portal milling machines and as a special machine builder, we have sophisticated manufacturing technology in the field of mechanical engineering. Thanks to our contract manufacturing, we can offer you high-quality machine parts at short notice that utilize our production capacity – a win-win situation!

The possible contract work is around the topic of metal processing for mechanical engineering and plant construction: material procurement, building and welding, vibration relaxation or annealing, priming / painting or powder coating, machining (CNC milling).

Efficient manufacturing techniques

With the performance-oriented welding process forceArc and forceArc puls®, we create welded assemblies with a very high load capacity in an economical way.

In CNC production, we use efficient production techniques such as CAD / CAM programming in order to program parallel to production.
By using electro-permanent magnetic clamping plate technology, we achieve perfect stability and structural uniformity between the workpiece, clamping system and machine table. This clamping technology also enables us to machine your milled parts on 5 sides without any problems.

Large parts production as the focus of our contract manufacturing

Large part production
Large part production
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In numerous industries, large-dimensioned machine components represent the basic building blocks in mechanical engineering. The competent contract manufacturing of these large parts by a contract manufacturer is therefore of fundamental importance for the customer.

Since our mechanical engineering is designed for imposing large systems, we are also optimally set up for large parts machining in the area of contract work. Considerably large welded assemblies and CNC milled parts are just right for us.

Welded constructions up to 50 t piece weight and large milled parts up to 4.5 x 4.5 x 15 m workpiece size are precisely manufactured and processed perfectly for our customers.

A reliable large part processing for customers all over Germany and the neighboring countries distinguish us.

Your wish – our solution

Flexibility is very important to us!

We are happy to take on the complete product solution for you, from material procurement to the finished milled part.

But maybe you would like to have just a part of the contract made? Then we only take over the work step you want.

For example, many of our customers have their machine components CNC machined by us, as they create the welded assemblies themselves or have them manufactured by another contract manufacturer.

We have put together a small picture gallery of completed contract manufacturing projects, both in the field of welding and milling work, for you.

Sample projects
Sample projects
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German manufacturing technology

We do not compromise on quality!

Just as our machines are completely “Made in Germany”, all work in the field of contract manufacturing is carried out by our qualified specialist staff in our production facility in Rüthen.

Benefit from professional contract manufacturing on modern CNC machines at moderate prices.

We would be happy to welcome you to our premises for acceptance before the finished components are delivered.

If you value a high quality level for your welded and milled parts, SIRtec is the right partner for you!