The SIRtec Company

The key data of SIRtec GmbH >>> founded in 1998 >>> family-run, medium-sized company >>> active at two locations in Rüthen Machine tool service >>> the original focus of the company >>> service technicians eliminate malfunctions promptly >>> after-sale service with the purchase of a Mattec Accuracy checks and maintenance work >>> maintain production quality and extend service life Partial and general overhauls >>> minimize downtime and corresponding costs >>> Special: spindle cone regrinding on site Retrofitting and expansions >>> modernizations restore the competitiveness of your machine Mattec portal milling machines >>> today's company focus >>> our portal milling machine series >>> "Orthogonal head 90°/90°" innovation >>> our first own milling head Special-purpose machines >>> individually designed and built for our customers SIRtec news >>> all news at a glance