Special-purpose machine for peeling of square copper wrought alloys (peeling machine)

The aim of the project was the processing of sawn square rods consisting of high strength copper wrought alloys with a tensile strength of 600 – 1200 N/mm². During peeling, the rods had to be modified into round semi-finished products.

According to the customer’s requirements, we developed a special-purpose machine that facilitates parallel peeling of square rod material 15 to 80 mm at a length of 5.000 mm. The peeling diameter is adjustable during operation, so that diameters can be corrected, if applicable.

The centerpiece of this special-purpose machine is a specially developed NC-controlled peeling chuck with six cutting edges to ensure quiet running during the peeling process.

Machining constituted a special challenge of this project. Because water and oils would contaminate the chips and consequently prevent the re-processing into high quality alloys, like f. e. beryllium, dry machining without coolant had to be performed.

Technical specifications

140 kW drive
1.500 rpm
45.000 N feed force (Z-axis)
control: Siemens 840 D