Portal milling machine 2.0 with four portals for processing battery boxes (high-voltage storage) in the automotive industry

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Customer industry:
Large-scale production of battery boxes for high-voltage storage systems in the German automotive industry

Project specification:
The customer wants a second machine for measuring (probing), milling raised weld seams and drilling battery boxes (high-voltage storage systems). Two different types of these high-voltage batteries are processed. The machine is integrated into a production line and equipped using robot technology.

Solution from SIRtec:
Manufacture of a portal milling machine in a special design. The design is carried out with four portals (one measuring portal and three processing portals) and two clamping stations (1 x top and 1 x bottom per frame type).
The positions of the module compartment bores (frame underside) are determined by the measurement portal using the best fit method. In order to adhere to the specified cycle time, the mechanical milling and drilling (frame top) is carried out parallel to the main clamping station.

A big plus of this second generation of systems is the optimized measuring head of the measuring portal, which does not take every battery compartment tactilely as in the first system, but now with six optical sensors.

Customer benefits:
The customer integrates the portal milling machine into the processing line, so that battery boxes for a German automobile manufacturer can be processed in 4-shift fully automatic operation with a technical availability of 96%.

Portalfräsmaschine in Sonderbauweise für Batteriekästen (Hochvoltspeicher) der Automobilbranche

Four portals ensure efficient processing: measuring, drilling, face milling – all in parallel!


Technical data Portal milling machine 2.0 with four portals for processing battery boxes in the automotive industry

X = 10,500 mm
Y = 2,100 mm
Z = 350 mm

Machine power
Feed speed axes X- Y 30,000 mm / min.
Z axis feed rate 25,000 mm / min.
Max. Working speed 25,000 mm / min.




Laser measuring system
Optical triangulation sensor, make Keyence

Main spindle
Motor spindle, manufactured by Jäger
Max. Spindle speed 24,000 rpm.
Tool holder HSK 50 E

automatic tool changer
Tool changer, tool storage capacity 8


Minimum quantity lubrication through the milling spindle (IKZ)
Tool length control (tool breakage control)
Chip conveyor
automatic central lubrication in all axes
Work area cover to contain the flow of chips

Siemens 840 D-SL