Special-purpose machine for end processing of steel shafts/spring steel (shaft peeling machine)

The aim of the project was to install tapered and parallel end processing at steel shafts of 52CrMo4 with a tensile strength of 1200 – 1600 N/mm².

According to the customer’s requirements, we developed a special construction shaft peeling machine that facilitates tapered peeling of the rod material from diameter 12 to diameter 50 mm at a length of 5,000 mm, followed by the parallel peeling of the end fitting to diameter 28 mm at a length of 800 mm.

The specially designed WinCC flexible interface ensures easy operability.

The operator needs only 4 parameters to start the actual peeling process:
1. large diameter
2. diameter of the pivot
3. length of the pivot
4. total length of the shape to be peeled

Everything else is calculated and carried out by an NC program with variables in the background. This NC-program conforms to the DIN ISO standards.

Technical specifications

140 kW drive
3.000 rpm
45.000 N feed force (Z-axis)
control: Siemens 840 D