Large part production

We offer you an extensive portfolio in the field of contract work for everything related to metal processing for mechanical engineering and plant construction:

The processing is carried out completely in our production facility in Rüthen / North Rhine-Westphalia according to your drawings and wishes.

Manufacture of welded assemblies

Our qualified staff carries out the production of welded constructions for steel, machine and plant construction according to drawing specifications and customer requests.

As an alternative to the annealing process, we also offer you a cost-effective vibration relaxation of your component.

The subsequent priming / painting or powder coating is also part of our offer.

  • Welded constructions up to 50 t unit weight
  • 2D / 3D CAD system
  • Conversion of cast bodies into welded constructions
  • Steel and stainless steel processing
  • modern welding technology and certified welders
  • MIG / MAG welding processes: forceArg and forceArg impulse
  • TIG welding process (tungsten inert gas welding)
  • Stress relieved glow and vibration
  • Surface treatment by sandblasting
  • Coating with powder and industrial paint

Machining: CNC milling and drilling

Large milled parts make their own demands on the machine tool, because the precision and quality must not suffer due to the workpiece size.

On our SIRtec portal milling machines of the Mattec type, we process milled parts up to a unit weight of 50 tons and dimensions up to 15,000 x 4,500 x 4,500 mm.

Modern magnetic clamping systems ensure that the workpieces are clamped quickly and flexibly.
5-sided machining without reclamping is made possible by swivel heads.

  • Milled parts up to 4.5 x 4.5 x 15 m workpiece size
  • CNC milling of steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  • 5-sided machining
  • CAD / CAM 3 + 2 axis programming
  • Heidenhain programming station
  • High feed milling