Portal milling machine type Mattec 80-35-40 with rotary table

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Customer industry:
Contract manufacturing of individual parts and small and medium series for the mechanical engineering, petrochemistry, power plant construction, plant construction, shipbuilding and wind energy sectors

Existing procedure:
Milling jobs on workpieces measuring 6,500 x 2,500 x 1,000 mm or larger could not be accepted. Turning jobs were outsourced to partners.

Problem definition:
The customer wants a cost-effective portal milling machine that can perform both milling and turning operations. In addition, despite the required workpiece machining height of 1,200 mm, the overall height of the machine must remain below the crane track of 4,600 mm.

SIRtec solution:
Production of a Mattec portal milling machine with integrated rotary table. The machine’s own orthogonal angle head is fitted with an additional vertical holder on the back for the turning tool, with both holders being served by a tool changer. The rotary table for turning and milling operations has a diameter of 2,000 mm and a maximum speed of 200 rpm. Table bearing, drive and gear have circulating oil lubrication and cooling.

Customer benefit:
In the future, the customer can machine larger milled parts and process turned parts as well. He has the opportunity to acquire more customers and develop a new market for himself.

Technical specification portal milling machine type Mattec 80-35-40 with rotary table

Travel ranges
X = 8.000 mm
Y = 4.400 mm (gantry clearance = 3,500 mm)
Z = 1.400 mm (gantry clearance = 1,250 mm)

Main spindle
orthogonal-two-axis-swivel head
both swivel levels 90/90°
both swivel levels 2,5° serrated
max. spindle speed 4,000 rpm
tool holder ISO 50
with additional vertical rotary holder HSK T 100 at the back

Automatic tool changer
moving pick-up tool changer, tool storage capacity 41 tools

Machine table with circular table
mounting surface = 8.000 x 3.200 mm
circular table = 2,000 mm diameter, speed 200 rpm, additional load capacity up to 8 t, 2-stages-ZF-transmission, 2 x 20 kW water-cooled
1. gear stage: 11,000 Nm at 40 rpm
2. gear stage: 3,200 Nm at 200 rpm
In milling operation: holding torque 8,000 Nm at 10 rpm in control operation, additional hydraulic holding brake

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