Manufacturing quality

The production of large portal milling machines also includes the mechanical processing of very large milling parts. Quality and precision of these parts should under no circumstances suffer due to the size of the workpiece to ensure that the finished product as a whole corresponds to our demanding standards.

To meet this requirement, all processing is done at our site with SIRtec portal milling machine, type Mattec.

Here we process all workpieces needed for machine construction – up to a unit weight of 60 t and a size of 15.000 x 4.500 mm.

We also perform preliminary work like welding, vibration stress relief and priming/coating entirely at our production site in Rüthen/NRW.

We enjoy being a medium-sized company. Our customers experience personal service and we construct our machines completely in-house – from basic concept to final assembly.

The customer benefits from our quality and flexibility. We achieve an exceptionally high production depth, superior quality control and continuous development – innovation is our constant companion, inspired by our know-how.

We are proud of what we do and this is why our employees identify with the company and the Mattec brand.

Mattec MM 15-4-4
Mattec 80-30-60