Forest Liné portal milling machine

  • Forest Liné portal milling machine

Electrical and mechanical overhaul with modifications

Customer industry:

Manufacturer of machines and production lines for the furniture and component industry

Problem definition:

The control system, the control cabinet and the wiring were outdated. This resulted in a lack of machine safety and a generally unreliable machine condition.

SIRtec solution:

  • Conversion to a new control system (Heidenhain iTNC 530) with new digital drives and motors by Heidenhain
  • Replacement of the control cabinet, all initiators and electrical lines, motor cables, transmitter cables and measurement circuit lines, hydraulic and lubrication lines
  • Assembly of a new control cabinet which is attached to the milling portal
  • Retrofitting of an electrical hand wheel and a measuring probe with cinematic OPT for automatic compensation of the calculation
  • Replacement and modification of of rack and drive pinion of the X-axis drive to standard module 5 helical-cut
  • Checking and, if applicable, replacement of the roller shoes of the X-axis including replacement of the scrapers
  • Replacement of the X-axis lubrication with automatic lubrication of the rack
  • Modification of the tool changer angular gear to a standard planetary gear with flange-mounted servomotor
  • Replacement of the hydraulic valve block including valves and cables and transfer to the hydraulic unit
  • Replacement of the cooling unit for water-cooled main spindle motor and milling head and drive
  • Replacement of the coolant container with automatic paper band filter and level indicator including 4-KW-pump 30l/min.

Customer benefit:

Due to the machine overhaul as described above, a utilization rate of 96 % in 3-shift-operations has been achieved. Some of the machine components were exchanged by standard purchased parts which results in good material availability. The required machine safety has been restored by the implementation of protective bumpers, working space switch and a safety fencing device as part of the control system.

Forest Liné portal milling machine