Portal milling machine type Mattec 65-28-12

  • Portal milling machine Mattec 60-28-10

Customer industry:
Production of components for high-quality sports cars (Automotive)

Existing process:
Subcontracting of milling work or Rejection of orders

Problem definition:
By means of laser-based surveying the customer created CAD data for the production of prototypes. In order to make all forms of this, the customer requires a customized machine.

SIRtec solution:
Construction of a 5 axis portal milling machine according to all customer requirementsfrom Model construction to the heavy-duty cutting of tool steel.

Customer benefit:
In the future, the customer will be able to process all the finishing works for the automotive sector in-house, thereby increasing the profit margin. The customer must not reject orders, thus strengthening his marketing position.

Technical specifications of the portal milling machine type Mattec 60-28-10

Travel ranges
X = 6.500 mm
Y = 3.600 mm (Gantry clearance2.800 mm)
Z = 1.400 mm (Gantry clearance 1.600 mm)

Mounting surface
7.400 x 2.600 mm

Main spindle
automatic fork-type swivel head 90/90°
swivel level A-axis +/- 105°
swivel level C-axis +/- 200°
positioning accuracy +/- 2″
pivoting demands 0,001°
speed approx. 24.000 rpm
tool holder HSK 63

Tool changer
Pick-Up station, magazine capacity 12 tools

Heidenhain iTNC 530