SZIM portal milling machine

  • Electrical and mechanical overhaul with modifications

Electrical and mechanical overhaul with modifications

Customer industry:
Machine construction

Problem definition:
Outdated control, first Z-axis with defective swivel head, second Z-axis has maximum speed 2.000 rpm for a short time at a vertical spindle with horizontal spindle, defective tool changer on both Z-axes, oscillation in the Y-axis from 4 m rapid traverse, maximum traverse speed in X = 6 m.

SIRtec solution:

  • Disassembly of a Z-axis
  • Replacement of the control (Heidenhain iTNC 530) with new drives and engines
  • Replacement of the control cabinet, the hydraulic system and the lubrication
  • Modification of the Z-axis holder for the installation of a SIRtec orthogonal angle head with 2,5° serration in both swivel levels, with 2-stages-ZF-transmission (oil-cooled) and a water-cooled main spindle motor with 30 KW.
  • Installation of a tool changer in pick-up version with 40 tools
  • Modification of the ball screw from a pitch of 10 mm to 20 mm and crossing of the oscillating length
  • Overhaul of the X-axis gears with readjustment of the pretension

Customer benefit:

The machine is fully functional again to allow 5-sided machining, milling and drilling, switchable from external to internal cooling with frequency controlled water pressure, allocated to the respective tools.