Portal milling machine type Mattec 130-10-30

  • Portal milling machine Mattec 130-10-30

Customer industry:
General machine and plant construction

Existing process:
Production with a plano milling maschine (X=8.000 mm)

Problem definition:
There is no possibility to process a major order with follow-up orders, because the plano milling machine does not have enough travel range in the X-axis and machining in the 5. axis is not possible.

SIRtec solution:
Cost-effective construction of a very narrow but long portal milling machine

Customer benefit:
The order can be processed, thus enhancing the order situation and strengthening the market position.

Technical specifications of the portal milling machine Typ Mattec 130-10-30

Travel ranges
X = 13.500 mm
Y = 1.600 mm (gantry clearance 1.200 mm)
Z = 1.100 mm

Mounting surface
14.500 x 1.000 mm

Main spindle
15 kW power
4.000 rpm
350 Nm torque up to 400 rps
short taper ISO 69871 SK50
orthogonal head 90/90° 2,5° automatic

Automatic tool changer

tool magazine capacity 31 tools

Heidenhain iTNC 530