Portal milling machine type Mattec MM 15-4-4

  • Portal milling machine Mattec MM15-4-4

Customer industry:
Production of machine tools and special-purpose maschines and machining of large parts

Existing process:
Subcontracting of milling work

Problem definition:
The intention was to facilitate in-house production of the machine beds and other large milling parts in the future.

SIRtec solution:
Construction of a portal milling machine according to customer requirements.

Customer benefit:
In the future, the customer does not have to subcontract milling work anymore, thus increasing his profit in machine construction.

Technical specifications of the portal milling machine type Mattec MM 15-4-4

Travel ranges
X = 15.000 mm
Y = 6.200 mm
Z = 1.600 mm
W = 3.000 mm
Rapid traverse rate X, Y, Z = 20.000 mm/min.

Mounting surface
15.000 x 4.500 mm

Gantry clearance
4.500 x 4.000 mm

Table load
max. 60 t

Main spindle
30 kW power with 2-stages transmission
0 – 5.000 rpm
short taper ISO 50
varied swivel heads, automatically interchangeable

Heidenhain iTNC 530