Portal milling machine type Mattec 90-15

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Customer industry:
Contract manufacture for general machine and plant construction

Existing process:
Rejection of orders

Problem definition:
This customer was already in possession of milling machines with lower travel ranges and intended to further enhance his market position in the area of large part contract manufacture.

SIRtec solution:
Construction of a portal milling machine according to customer requirements

Customer benefit:
In the future, the customer will also be able to process larger parts, thus strengthening his marketing position.

Technical specifications of the portal milling machine type Mattec 90-15

Travel ranges
X = 9.000 mm
Y = 2.000 mm
Z = 920 – 1050 mm

Mounting surface
9.000 x 1.200 mm

Main spindle
10 kW power
3.000 rpm
160 Nm torque
short taper ISO 40
2-axes-swivel head with hydraulic draw-in

Heidenhain TNC 410 M