Portal milling machine type Mattec 40-20

  • Portal milling machine Mattec 40-20

Customer industry:
Manufacturing products from specialty graphit, FCFC und carbon based insulation materials

Existing process:
Order rejection

Problem definition:
This customer intended to expand his production possibilities in terms of the size of processed parts. The processed material caused excessive wear of the machine.

SIRtec solution:
Construction of a portal milling machine according to customer requirements with special exhaust system and special protection of the machine via bellows and covers.

Customer benefit:
In the future, the customer will also be able to process larger parts, thus strengthening his marketing position. Because of the proper machine protection, wear of the machine is reduced to a minimum.


Technical specifications of the portal milling machine type Mattec 40-20

Travel ranges
X = 4.400 mm
Y = 3.100 mm
Z = 1.200 mm

Mounting surface
vertical 4.000 x 2.000 mm
horizontal 2.000 x 600 mm

Tool changer
30 spaces up to diameter 250 mm

Main spindle
18 kW power
15.000 rpm
120 Nm torque
short taper ISO 40

Heidenhain TNC 430 M